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Featured Recliner "The Beast"

A big mans recliner designed to withstand the demands of big men.

Ladies Recliners

We have a great selection of small frame chairs for petite ladies because comfort is all about fit.


Lift Recliners

We may have the best selection of lift recliners in the upstate with prices starting at:

ONLY $599.95

Camouflage Recliners

Several chairs to choose from in all the popular camo patterns.

Featured Recliner "The Teddy Bear"

This large frame recliner wraps you in pillow soft padding, covered in a luxurious TEDDY  BEAR feel fabric.  This may be our most comfortable recliner ever. 

ONLY $499.95

Decorative Recliners

If you are unwilling to sacrifice look for comfort, we have you covered.  Open leg recliners are available in your choice of hundreds of decorative fabrics.


Visit Mattress Max to view our entire selection!!!